PureGuard II

PureGuard II™ Fluoropolymer Coated Stainless Steel Duct

PureGuard II DuctPureGuard II ™ is our welded stainless steel exhaust duct system coated with our proprietary hybrid fluoropolymer PureGuard coating.  Our combination of welded stainless substrate and proprietary PureGuard coating satisfied all testing requirements necessary to gain Factory Mutual standard 4922 approval for corrosive fume and smoke exhaust without sprinklers.  Additionally PureGuard II is approved by Factory Mutual for installation in clean rooms.

Developed from years of experience, our PureGuard coating provides the best corrosion prevention available in the coated duct market today. Along with excellent corrosion protection, PureGuard also provides excellent flame spread resistance and limited smoke generation. 

The bonding of the fluoropolymer coating to the stainless steel substrate is what makes our product a frontrunner in our marketplace.  To date we have never experienced a reported failure of a PureGuard II product, making PureGuard II a name you can truly rely on. This coating is also proven to not spread fire while providing years of maintenance free operation in your facility.  

Our Factory Mutual Approvals IncludeFM Approval

 Factory Mutual (FM) Approved to 4922 protocol for use
as a fume and smoke exhaust duct without internal sprinklers
• Factory Mutual (FM) approved for unlimited vertical riser height
• Approved with flange or clamp joints
• Approved from 4" to 60" diameter

Product Configuration

PureGuard II SS is available in all sizes up to 10 ft. (4m) diameter. Standard duct is available in 4 ft. and 8 ft. lengths, or any custom length up to 8 ft. (3m). Fittings available include tees, elbows, dampers, saddle taps and accessory items of almost any configuration. See the Fitting Detail Sheets for a complete listing of standard parts.

Your Quality Assurance and Service Guarentee

Pure Guard II™ - A Systems Approach to Fluoropolymer Coating

The reputation for producing a consistent, top quality product relies on our comprehensive vertically integrated production method.  Key to this process is the built in quality check points at every step of the manufacturing process which guarantee a superior product every time.

We take pride in meeting our delivery schedule for all orders, large or small, by carefully planning our manufacturing and stock materials to meet delivery deadlines for every order, every time.  We bar code our product and track it through our manufacturing process for optimum quality and schedule assurance. Last; but most importantly, we take pride in our professionalism and provide personal service to our customers, making every customer’s project run smoothly and every order a success story.

Well respected as experts in the application of fluoropolymers, in our efforts to solve process corrosion problems, Pure Guard II™ has been providing quality products to clients worldwide since 1982.